Ryanair Charge more

Ryanair the airline you either love or hate has introduced a new charge. Now passengers who check-in at the airport have to pay an extra £2 per person. You can check-in online for free however if you have luggage, you must check-in and as you already have to pay for your bags you will now have to pay more to check them in!. So unless you have just hand luggage and don't check-in at the airport this will not effect you. Ryanair wish to encourage people to use their free Check'N'Go Web check-in service. So if you don't have any bags, check-in online, take your own food and arrive at an airport near your destination you will definitely still save money.
This extra charge will bring Ryanair extra revenue as they make a lot of their profits from the charges they make as well as the inflight drink and food sales.
They will also be able to hide this charge next year when they have to show all taxes and compulsory extras in their adverts.

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