Demand For Cruises Deals Set to Increase

Cruise deals and special offersThe number of ocean cruisers topped 20m for the first time according to figures compiled various shipping associations. No surprise that North America had the highest number of cruise fans. The UK is up by nine percent and is the second largest market in the world. Other European countries are also experiencing growth in demand for cruises and Australians are also getting the cruise bug with cruise passenger numbers increasing by 30%. It is expected that these figures will increase in the future and as the demand increases the cruise firms are building newer and larger ships to cope with the demand. It is predicted that by 2020 there will be over a million Australian cruisers. For many people who have been on a cruise there is no going back! Cruises offer such a good overall holiday experience. This is why the increase in the number of holidaymakers who choose to cruise could be the start of a huge shift in the choices people make when it comes to their main holiday. A cruise can offer a relaxing sit by the pool experience, a city break or a visit to the beach with great food and entertainment in one! There has also been an increase in the number of ships leaving from UK ports helping couples and particular families save money on airfares. Many of the early booking offers with cruise firms include offers like free coach travel or free car parking at the port. With the large number of ships on the way hopefully this will lead to greater competition to fill the ships. This could help keep the prices affordable and offer more holidaymakers the chance to experience a cruise for the first time

P&O Cruises have a ship due to launch in 2015, their largest ship so far catering for 3,611 passengers. This is still not the largest ship still to come as Norwegian cruise lines plan to launch the Norwegian Getaway in 2014 catering for 4,000 passengers and for 2015 Royal Caribbean have a new ship on the way for over 4,000 passengers. Princess cruises have the Regal Princess in 2014 for 3,600 passengers. There are also another number of smaller ships on the way in the luxury range for cruises for between 500 – 1000 passengers.

This is just a few of the upcoming ship launches in the next few years.

Hapag-Lloyd Europa 2 2013 516 passengers
AIDAstella 2013 2,192 passengers
Compagnie du Ponant – June 2013
Tui Cruises 2014 2,500
Regal Princess 2014 3,600 passengers
Norwegian Getaway 2014 4,000 passengers
Princess Cruises (unknown) Similar to Royal Princess 2014, 4,100 passengers
P&O Cruise – (unknown) 2015  P&O largest ship to date! 3,611 passengers
Viking Ocean Cruises (Unnamed) 2015
Royal Caribbean 2015 4,100 passengers

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