Holidays From Your Local Airport?

With the arrival of the low cost carriers competition at many of the regional and local airports throughout the UK has increased. The benefits are obvious as competition does lead to more competitive prices on most of the routes particularly the ones where there is the most airlines flying that route. The other benefits are that holiday firms and airlines look to find new destinations to offer eager holidaymakers looking for something new or different for their annual holiday.

The benefits of flying from your local airport are mainly one of convenience and in most cases can also be one of cost as well. In the North of Scotland it is not unusual for holidaymakers to drive past Edinburgh and Glasgow airports to continue to Manchester or Newcastle airports. Manchester offers a considerably larger number of flight options and holidays from Manchester compared to Aberdeen or Edinburgh. Other reasons for such a journey, is that the school holiday dates in Scotland are different from the ones in England and there can be great savings on holiday prices by travelling to an English airport. As the holidays are still on an off peak period for Manchester, Teeside, Newcastle and all the other English airports the holiday deals on offer can offer big savings as against the high peak Cheap Holidays and Flights from local Airportsholiday prices in Scotland.

This scenario also works in reverse from the middle of August when the Scottish school holidays are over and the English and Welsh school holidays are still on until the start of September. So rather than looking for holidays from Newcastle or holidays from Manchester have a look at what flights from Glasgow or Edinburgh are on offer and see what holidays are available. For many a trip up North from Newcastle to Edinburgh is not that much of an effort when you can save such a lot on the cost of your holiday. Travelling to another airport is not for everyone but if your budget is tight and you don’t mind it is certainly an option worth considering.

Ignoring the school holiday aspect of travelling to a different airport it is possible to find better prices at nearby airports. It could be that a holiday firm or airline that operates from a nearby airport can’t sell their flights or holiday packages. There are different reasons for this such as greater competition at that airport or that it is to a destination not featured at your local airport. It is possible to pick up deals to some destinations being less popular for some reason. This happens almost every year as some destination becomes the new ‘in place’ to holiday and another isn’t.  So when checking for cheap holiday deals also check the nearby airports as well as you could be in for a nice surprise.  Just make sure you add up any extra travelling costs such as petrol, parking and any overnight accommodation if required.

Airport Parking & Airport Hotels Deals

Airports have parking facilities and airport hotels, so driving to a different airport is not a problem. There are even firms that offer special rates offering overnight accommodation and parking for your car whilst you are away. You could even get parking with a chauffeur service where your car will be collected at the airport and dropped off to you ready as you exit the airport terminal building.

Depending on where you live airport parking can actually be cheaper than taking a taxi to and from the airport. It also offers you a secure place to park your car whilst you are away on holiday as well. After all nothing says I am away on holiday like a car that has not moved in days. Again for some people it may not be possible to leave their car parked outside their home for any length of time. Other services offered are special rates on airport hotels and travel to and from the airport by either coach or rail to airports with a rail station.