Hainan Holidays, Holiday in a destination referred to as China’s Hawaii

Holidays in Sanya

Hainan in China is set to be one of the most sought after holiday destinations of the future and no longer as a place of exile for failed officials. Hainan is located in the south coast area of China and is already know for its beach resorts with around 1,500km of coastline. Temperatures in Hainan usually range from 24-35°C in the summer months, and 19-25°C in the winter. The destination is popular with Russians stay at Dadong Hai and Chinese looking to escape the harsh weather especially around the Chinese New Year period.

The newish holiday destination in China is set to rival Singapore according to the WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council. Tourism is developing at such a rate to dwarf that of the growth in Dubai. The potential growth to this new holiday destination is expected to grow 13% a year for the next ten years. It is no wonder that it is being referred to as China's Hawaii after Chinese leaders announced in 2009 that they would make the destination a world-class resort by 2020. There is currently development over sixty internationally known hotels and resorts as well as the infrastructure to support all the properties and amenities. There is extra airport capacity as well as no visa entry requirements for foreign visitors to Hainan. The WTTC report stated that Hainan already ranks above Hong Kong and Macau in terms of jobs in the travel and tourism sector. Sanya which is located at the tip of Hainan island is expected to be one of the most popular parts to visit as it has 20km long stretches of beach.

Getting to Sanya it easy as it has an airport with flights to and from most major Chinese cities such as Guangzhou or Hong Kong. This makes it an ideal destination for people looking for a two centre holiday in China. You can combine a busy sightseeing schedule with a relaxing week at the beach in the same holiday. You could also arrange a round of golf at the Sanya Sun Valley Golf Club a par 73 championship course.

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