Exclusive Holiday Sale from Sovereign, Citalia & Meon Villas

Holiday Sale Discounts for your next Holiday?

Starting tomorrow Citalia Holidays are offering reductions of up to 35% off holidays booked before midnight on the 3rd of September.

Citalia Holiday Deals on offer include

free nights, resort credits and room upgrades, ro early booking offers, spa treatmentsand dining discounts. Many of these deals are exclusive to Citalia Holidays.

Also starting tomorrow Sovereign Holidays are offering reductions of up to 45% this time off hluxury olidays booked before midnight on the 3rd of September.

Sovereign Holidays are offering exclusive holiday offers at some of their most popular hotels, you could benefit from a wide range of complimentary treats, upgrades and discount offers that…. you simply won't find anywhere else.

Sovereign holiday Offers include

Complimentary room & board upgrades, Free nights, Complimentary Spa treatments, Complimentary resort credits, Early booking discount and special reductions on family holidays. Sovereign holidays are ALSO offering additional discounts on all Sovereign holidays during the sale period.

Meon Villas are also offering doscounts from the 23rd August – 3rd of September with discounts on all villa holidays booked with flights. PLUS you could also get FREE ca hire as well. Full details of the Meon Villas sale will be released on Thursday the 23rd August on the official Meon Villas web site.

For full details of any of the holiday (offer terms & conditions) sale deals please visit the appropriate holiday companies official web sites

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