London Heathrow bids farewell to Olympic athletes from around the world

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Yesterday London Heathrow today waved goodbye to the start of around 5,000 departing Paralympic athletes and officials following the largest ever Paralympic Games. London Heathrow was the main entry and exit point for over 80 percent of the Olympic and Paralympic Games family and visitors travelling to the event. London Heathrow has had to step up to the challenge of handling the 75,000 journeys that have been made by Paralympians, Olympians and team officials. There have been over 2,800 wheelchairs as well as 5,000 oversized bags that included javelins, pole vault poles, bicycles and even canoes. Not only that the airport has handled potentially hazardous cargo including 1,300 firearms plus ammunition and 20,000 members of the media!
As the UK’s only hub airport London Heathrow is used to visitors that may require additional help or assistance however during the periods covering the Olympic & the Paralympic Games this has been amplified presenting the airport with a huge challenge which has been the result of seven years careful planning. The airport consulted other airports and the Paralympic athletes themselves. London Heathrow also recruited extra staff and ramps all over the airport as well as having a specialist technician for onsite wheelchair repairs. It is expected that many of the improvements made to the airport will continue to assist future passengers to the airport for many years to come.
Other improvements to the airport & its facilities include upgrading and increasing its fleet of buggies for transporting passengers through the airport, the Installation new accessible toilets and new lifts to help return wheelchairs to the aircraft door.
If you are planning on using London Heathrow airport you can find full details of all the improvements and all the facilities available at the airport on the official BAA web site.

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