Clampdown on Excessive Debit and Credit Cards Charges

Plans To Stop High Airline and Holiday Credit Cards Charges

Many of us have been there before after having found a cheap flight that once all the extras are added on the cheap flight is not as cheap as we thought!
The UK government is going ahead with a plan to prevent companies from making a profit by charging consumers more than they have to pay to process the payments. Airlines will now have to make sure their charges are clearly shown and displayed before reach the checkout phase when they add them in.
The main culprits are airlines, ticket companies & theatres who are renowned for adding in extra costs just before you put in your credit or debit card details to pay.
Recently the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) investigated a number of airlines who were then forced to put their debit card surcharges in their headline ticket prices. This meant that holidaymakers & travellers were less likely to get any of the usual nasty extra charges.
The exact date that the new rule will be introduced will be decided sometime in September 2012 and it is hoped that the new rules will be introduced in January in time for the traditional post Christmas holiday booking period.
If you can only pay by debit card then it is hardly an optional cost so it should be included in the advertised price.

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