Thomson Holidays 2013 WTGTBD

Thomson Holidays 2013 WTGTBD – Where to get the Best Deals

Thomson Holidays 2013 like many other years will have special offers and holiday deals especially during the peak booking months of January 2013 and February 2013. This is the traditional booking periods when many people look to their summer 2013 holidays after the Christmas and New Year holidays. Thomson generally releases a newspaper style leaflet as part of the Thomson Holidays Blue Cross Sale. The discounts feature Thomson properties and brands such as Thomson Sensatori, Thomson Premier Holidays 2013, Thomson Gold and others.

Thomson Holidays tend to also offer special Thomson discount codes on specific destinations which are valid over a weekend or mid-week. These discount codes generally offer extra discounts of up to £50 off per booking to one destination or area at a time. One weekend the discount could apply to Malta and the next it could be the Canary Islands. Don't wait for a particular destination to come up as Thomson don't just go through all the destinations they feature. Sometimes a destination may never be discounted with the extra discount code. This doesn't mean you wont get a discount, just that there will be no extra discount of up to £50 off.

Standard Thomson Holiday discounts tend to be show as up to £100 – £400 off per couple on selected Thomson Holidays where Thomson offers deals on properties they need to push or have more rooms left than they would like.

FREE child places offer a great saving on family holidays and Thomson holidays usually have a large number of them particularly through their Skytours brochure. A simple search on the Thomson web site will show you what hotels offer them and what dates they are available. You will not get this from anyone else when looking for Thomson or Skytours free child places.

The most important thing you can do when booking any Thomson holiday is to book it direct online at the official Thomson holidays web site ( – click here) This is the best place to check your holiday price as most of the Thomson Holidays discounts will be automatically added. Thomson will also tend to have an online discount that you get simply by booking direct online ith them and some of the headline discounts include this.

So when looking for the right Thomson Holiday make sure you get the best deals and prices the best place to book is direct on the Thomson web site – no real surprises there!

For the official Thomson Holidays web site > click here

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