Search for Tui HolidaysTui Holidays 2022 summer and winter holidays offer a great range of holiday Tui Holidaysoptions for most holidaymakers needs. Tui offer family hotels that offer lots of extras for a great Tui family holiday. For adults looking to get away there are a good selection of adult only hotels for different types of Tui adult only holidays. You can even combine a Tui owned Marella cruise and enjoy a cruise and stay holiday or just enjoy a one or two week Marella cruise. Tui holidays  range also includes a number of popular Tui holiday brands and holiday types as well. These include Tui Small & Friendly Holidays, Tui Villas Collection, A La Carte, Tui Platinum Holidays & Crystal Ski Holidays. The popular Tui Skytours holidays 2022 value for money range of apartments and hotels are still available as well. Throughout the range of Tui holiday options you will also find many Tui all inclusive holidays. So you can enjoy all the benefits of a particular holiday type and the benefits of staying in a Tui all inclusive hotel. Also on the Tui web site you may find some extra discounts with the Tui discount codes that are sometimes available (click here) These can be for discounts off all holidays or for specific dates or destinations. There are sometimes Marella cruises discount codes as well so it's also worth checking before you book a cruise holiday.

What Are the Tui 2022 Holiday Options

  • Tui Sensatori – A range of luxury spa hotels in fantastic settings
  • Tui Blue For Two – Adult only hotels and holiday options (was Tui Sensimar Holidays 2022)
  • Tui Blue For Families – Family hotels with lots for all the family (was Tui Family Life 2022)
  • Tui Robinson – Lots of activities and experiences to enjoy everyday
  • Tui Blue For All  – Get the most out of your stay and explore the surrounding area
  • Tui Magic Life – Tui 24 hour all inclusive holidays
  • RIU Hotels & Resorts – Great quality hotels & resorts in popular destinations.
  • Tui Gold Holidays – More traditional adult only holidays
  • Tui SCENE – Adult only hotel holidays near the nightlife and action
  • Skytours – Great value holidays for everyone with all inclusive and free child places deals.
  • Tui Small & Friendly – A more authentic holiday experience.
  • Tui Villas Collection – Villas with pools for small groups of friends & families
  • Tui A La Carte – Top hotels from well known hotel companies around the world.
  • Tui Platinum – Luxury hotels with great service and food at affordable prices.
  • Crystal Ski Holidays – Everything you need for a great ski or snowboarding holiday

Do Tui Holidays Offer Free Child Places?

Tui do offer free child places at a number of the hotels they feature. Not surprisingly the Tui free child places are offered at some of the Tui Family Life hotels and throughout the range of different properties in the various Tui holidays 2022 brands and brochures. One of the most popular options is the Tui Skytours free child places which include a number of self catering apartments and hotels. Some of the Tui free kids deals include all inclusive free child places. These tend to be the most popular and the free child places that sell out quickly. Especially the all inclusive free child places during the school holidays. You can check the Tui free child places easily using their free child places finder search on their website. Free child places are subject to availability and are not unlimited. So if you get a free child places deal it's usually a good idea to book it right away.

Tui All Inclusive Holidays 2022

Tui all inclusive holidays are available throughout the different Tui holiday brands and brochures. This way you can enjoy the benefits of all inclusive at a hotel that also offers you the type of holiday that you are looking for. All inclusive holidays are popular with many holidaymakers for different reasons. For some a Tui all inclusive holiday lets them plan their holiday budget. If all your food, drink and usually entertainment is included you don't need much more spending money. All inclusive family holidays are very popular for this reason as well. You don't have to keep buying the children drinks or snacks throughout the day, they can usually just help themselves if they are thirsty. Some all inclusive hotels also include some snacks and ice creams as well as activities during the day. Check the hotel description before you confirm your holiday booking. Make sure the all inclusive deal offers you everything you need. There are some Tui all inclusive free child places however these do sell quickly especially during the busy school holidays. An all inclusive holiday can take the worry away about the exchange rates and costs when you arrive on holiday. On an all inclusive holiday it's generally all included so you can relax without having to worry about a bill at the end of your stay.

What Do Tui 2022 All Inclusive Holidays Include

  • Meals – Three meals a day
  • Snacks – Snacks are generally included as well.
  • Drinks – Alcoholic & soft drinks (locally produced)
  • Entertainment – Some hotels also offer entertainment and activities

Not all hotels are the same so check and see what is included in the cost of the holiday on the Tui web site before you book. This will help avoid any issues when you arrive on holiday.

Will There be Any Tui Late Deals 2022 offers?

There will always be some Tui late deals and last minute availability. Tui would obviously love to sell out when they launch their new brochure or during the peak booking periods just after Christmas and New Year. There is no way they will sell 100% of all their flights, accommodation and Marella cruises on every date. This does not mean that there will be very cheap Tui late deals a few days before departure on every date. Tui operate a dynamic pricing system where they try and sell every holiday at the highest price possible. Not really surprising that a company wants to make a profit! Tui will start to offer online discounts to help stimulate sales. This discount is automatically monitored so that if the price is too cheap it will go up slightly after a few sales. Also if it's not selling it will get reduced until it does. Doing this it helps Tui maximise the prices they get as they start to fill up their flights, hotels and cruises. This does not mean that they won't struggle to sell certain holidays on some dates.

How to get the best late deal prices? Try and stay away from the busier dates that will sell out easily. So if you can avoid Easter, Christmas & new Year and most of the school holiday dates. Especially the October week, half term & Spring break. The more flexible you are the more chance you have of getting a cheap late deal holiday. If it's more popular it's likely to be more expensive. Every so often a particular destination becomes very popular so try and avoid going there until next year! Check out other nearby airports as the prices can vary quite dramatically.

Tui Luxury Holidays

For a more luxurious holiday, Tui holidays offer a number luxury holiday options. Tui A La Carte offers access to some of the best five star properties from well-known hotel groups. Plus Tui Platinum holidays feature a huge range of 4 and 5T rated hotels around the world. These Tui Platinum hotels offer great locations and service at more affordable prices. Tui Sensatori is a range of Tui hotels & Resorts offering Spa treatments and excellent cuisine and service. There are options on the Tui Sensatori holidays for adults only and for great family holidays. All of these Tui luxury Holidays can be combined with the extensive range of Tui flights to get you there in style as well.

Tui Blue For Families Holidays

Tui Family Life Holidays will be replaced with Tui Blue For Families. Still offering a great all round range of family hotels. These Tui hotels feature all sorts of activities for all the family, not just the children. There are also kids' clubs to keep the kids happy plus family activities as well. Many of the Tui Blue For Families offer the popular all inclusive board basis. Plus there are even Tui Blue For Families free child places to help reduce the overall cost of these family holidays. The Tui Blue For Families free kids places are subject to availability and do sell very quickly. Once you check out the range of activities and Tui Blue For Families hotel facilities you will get a better idea of how good these holidays really are!

Tui Holidays 2022

  • Tui All Inclusive Holidays – All your meals, drinks, snacks & entertainment
  • Tui Luxury Holidays – Tui Sensatori, Tui A La Carte, Tui Platinum, Tui Sensimar
  • Tui Value for money holidays – Skytours holidays
  • Tui Adult only Holidays – Tui SCENE, Tui Gold, Tui Blue For Two
  • Tui Family Holidays – Tui Blue For Families plus various family hotels
  • Spa & Relaxation Holidays – Tui Sensatori
  • Tui Long Haul Holidays – More exotic holiday destinations such as Thailand, Mexico, Jamaica, India, St Lucia & more
  • Tui Beach Holidays – Stay on or near the beach in these specially selected hotels
  • Tui Sports & Activities – Watersports, beach activities, classes and sports
  • Nightlife Holidays – Tui SCENE, every night is a Saturday night!
  • Tui Lapland – Visit Santa before he visits you!
  • Tui Adult Only Hotels – Tui Gold, Tui Sensimar adult only holidays

Marella Cruises 2022

Book Marella CruisesTui holidays also offer a great range of cruise holidays through their Marella Cruises range. There are lots of different itineraries to choose from that offer you the chance to visit lots of different destinations and ports. Marella cruises base their ships all over the Mediterranean in the summer. So you can usually fly in from a local UK airport and meet up with the ship before sailing on your all inclusive cruise holiday. Marella cruises offer all inclusive cruising on all their ships and also include all the extras some other cruise companies don't. Notably the cruise tips on Marella cruises are included in the cost of your holiday. If you have never cruised before you will know that getting your drinks included is also a massive bonus.

Marella cruises generally offer cruises from Dubrovnik, Palma, Corfu and Malaga. During the winter the departure points will also include Caribbean cruises. With Tui and Marella Cruises you can also book a cruise and stay holiday. Enjoy a weeks cruise and a few days or longer in a hotel of your choice. Tui cruise and stay holidays can be booked in any order so you can stay in a hotel first of you want.

Marella Cruise Ships

  • Marella Explorer – Offers 10 restaurants, 10 bars, casino, sports deck & family deck
  • Marella Explorer 2 – Currently the newest ship to be added to the fleet
  • Marella Discovery – One of the largest ships with an outdoor cinema, rock climbing, indoor pool & more
  • Marella Discovery 2 – Sister ship to the Discovery and has all the same features

Marella Cruise Destinations

  • Central America
  • Caribbean
  • Northern Europe & UK
  • Western Mediterranean
  • Eastern Mediterranean
  • Canary Islands & Atlantic
  • Baltics
  • Fjords, Iceland & the Arctic
  • Northern Africa & Middle East
  • Asia

You can book all the Marella cruises and cruise and stay holidays easily online > click here

What is the Best Place To Book A Tui Holiday?

Tui HolidaysUsually the best place to book a Tui holiday is direct, online. You can check the holiday yourself 24 hours a day. Plus any applicable Tui online discounts are automatically deducted from your holiday price. You can also check for free child places using the Tui free child places finder and other Tui holiday deals. Generally there are Tui low deposit offers where you can book your holiday without having to pay the full deposit right away. Another good reason to visit the Tui official web site is to see if there are any Tui discount codes. Using these you can also save more off the prices already shown on the Tui website. Don't worry these Tui discount codes are not hidden away on some obscure page on the Tui website. If there are any Tui discount coupons or codes they will be clearly displayed for you to to take advantage off. This also applies to booking a Marella cruise on the Tui UK website. As there are sometimes Marella discount codes as well. You can check for Tui discount codes > click here