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There is something reassuring that comes with knowing that once you arrive at your holiday accommodation everything you will probably need will be included in the price. There is no wonder that all inclusive holidays are so popular particularly since the economic climate we are experiencing right now is making is tough for many UK households budgets. For many it is nice to know that no matter how thirsty the kids get or hungry they are generally well catered for.

With all inclusive holidays it is generally accepted that everything is included and for the most part it is. On an all inclusive holiday most people expect food, drinks and entertainment to be included and generally it is. What you must do is check and see what is included in the price at the particular hotel or accommodation you are thinking of staying at not having a look to see what is generally included in a holiday firms brochure or web page. Each hotel can offer slightly different all inclusive options so check and see the description with the company you are booking through. It is not unheard of that there are differences even in the same property when booked through different holiday firms. Don’t assume that because you read a description on one web site or brochure that the same amenities and facilities are available to you when you book through another company or web site online. I have seen instances where if you book with one company you can join the kids club free and with another holiday firm the kids club costs extra!

Food and drink is normally included and that applies to ‘locally produced wine, beer and spirits so don’t expect International brand named drinks. The same applies to soft drinks as well and don’t forget to check the hotel description to see when the free drinks are available. The last thing you want is to get to midnight when all of a sudden you have to pay for the next round of drinks!

Sports activities that are included are generally ones that do not cost money for the hotel to run. So don’t expect motorised water sports or scuba diving. Things like snorkelling and tennis tend to be free as there is no cost involved as with paying for petrol for motor boats used for water skiing or air for scuba diving. Again you have to check the individual hotel description to see what to expect on your holiday.
Food is normally in the form of buffet breakfasts, lunch and dinner and some snacks during the day.  Snacks are generally things like biscuits and ice cream for the kids and afternoon tea for the adults. Again you must check and see what is included and any restrictions such as when the food is available for your all inclusive package.

Extras you will probably have to pay for include internet access excursions as well as any spa or beauty treatments or laundry if available. Don’t forget to check what you get!
For a real holiday experience most people venture out into the resort and see the sights as well as do some shopping. This will give you a chance to support the local retailers and bars that can offer a different experience from that offered in the hotel or accommodation you are staying at.

All Inclusive Holidays 2022

  • Travel Bites Top Tip – For anyone looking to go on an all inclusive holiday you must check the description of the company you are planning on going with to make sure you know what is included in the price you are paying for the holiday you are going on.
  • Travel Bites Top Tip – Have a look and see what the cost is to go on all inclusive against half board and see what the difference is. For example if the difference is £35 per person per day could you get lunch, snacks and all the drinks you want for £35? For a family of four that could work out at £140 per day so get the calculator our and check. This could get you a similar holiday without having to pay all inclusive rates for something you don't want. Not everyone wants a big lunch or wants to dink lots of alcohol every day. The money you save could go towards excursions, eating out somewhere different or on activities not included in the all inclusive price. It's your holiday make it suit you not the holiday firm.

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